The Rising Star of the Art World is Glamour Photography New York

Glamour Photography New York by Kourosh Sotoodeh.jpg

As recent as 2014, Peter Lindbergh said that fashion photographers are the new painter. He made this eloquent statement while he was making preparations for the show of his dramatic images of black and white which opened in the week of September 10, 2014. Who could have ever imagined that when the images of Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and others who were the creators of the supermodel concept, as first captured in new and natural light by Mr. Lindbergh that the world of art would somewhat think of losing its dislike for the commercialization of fashion photography as well as headshot photographers nyc.

The reason why I am forced to recall this iconic statement from an equally iconic new york fashion photographer is because many new york beauty photographers seem to think that they are in competition and not complimenting the work of their counterparts in the fashion segment of our noble vocation of photography.

What really is all this confusion about it? Are we saying now that model photographers nyc cannot ply their trade without being labeled as headshot photographers nyc? And does it also mean that when a student decides they want to work for an agency of boudoir photography nyc they would have to contend with the fact that nobody might consider them to be also involved in glamour photography nyc

Far from it.

And the reason for this is clear and simple. As of today, we all know that the rising star of the art world is fashion photography. I need you to take note of my emphasis on the word ‘fashion.’ Fashion is the reason why these various specialisations exist in the first place.

Consider a profession like medicine and surgery. We all know that there are various specialists in the field of medicine. But all of these specialists like dentists, cardiologists, dieticians, neurologists, dermatologists, and so on see themselves as medical practitioners. Why can’t such love, unity, and oneness of purpose exist for us as photographers?

Whether you are a headshot photographer nyc, or model photographers nyc, or you work in an agency for boudoir photography nyc, the fact still remains that we are first and foremost a new york fashion photographer. It also doesn’t matter that you might leave fashion and concentrate on being a new york beauty photographer or if you prefer to hang out with model photographers nyc, we all are first and foremost a new york fashion photographer. And if someone should ask you if you engage in glamour photography new york your response should be in the affirmative. 

And for those of us still contesting with all these different titles, I’d like to take us all back to the basics and ask what is glamour photography new york in the first place? Is it not a photography genre in which models are portrayed in poses that are erotic ranging from being clothed in full to being completely in the nude?

Of course that is what it is. And if you can agree with that definition, you should see yourself then as a being involved in the growth of the glamour photography new york no matter what aspect you decide to specialize in.